Face the future of Opel Zafira

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Opel Ampera, European version of Chevy Volt, also show a similar style, especially the front. Seven-seat minivan, but this more than that. Not just the look but also cover elements of the design side. Lines forming the characters from the heared latest Opel Insignia.
Interesting to predict the future fate Zafira. If Saturn successfully defend a part of GM, then there is the possibility Zafira will also be marketed in the USA. This will help GM increase the scale of economy so that it can be manufactured in the USA efficient. GM also helps increase fuel economy standards by offering a small car plant, but can load seven passengers.
Conversely, if the Opel / Saturn Vauxhal and must be removed, then the only possibility Zafira akan European model.
Whatever happens, Zafira had history of gold and a choice of many people to drive minivan. Name tertoreh the size of the liver in many people.