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Hummer is synonymous with the giant SUV with a bad reputation, not extravagant and friendly environment. Although widely used selectivity and the people spot, sales is not too good. GM also reported selling brands are exploring this.
Now Raser Technology, a company source Utah, USA, offers a new technology that can be claimed to create a Hummer can travel 100 miles per gallon. This figure is fantastic. As an illustration, the latest-generation Prius has just 50mpg efficiency.
100mpg SUV prototype will be exhibited at the Society of Automotive Engineers World Congress at the end of this month Detroit. Speak far it is still concealed, but the technology is estimated to be not much different from that used with the Chevrolet Volt. Because the Hummer is also called PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle).
According to Raser Technologies, this SUV will be the E-rev (Extended-Range Electric Vehicle) and can move up to 40 miles so far only with electric power only. When the electricity stored dibattery out, four-cylinder engine working rotating generator to produce electricity that will be used the car. E-rev engine developed with the company and FEV is specifically designed for cars are large.