PUMA Concept (Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility)

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General Motors with the Puma Concept Segway (Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility), two-wheel drive, two seats for short-distance transportation in urban areas. According to the GM solution to this bottleneck find difficulty parking lot in big cities. This prototype vehicle will be Demonstrate in New York.

Puma utilize the technology developed at this time, such as lithium-ion battery, two electric motor installed in the wheel and can move up to 35mph and has a cruising range for 35mil each time in the recharge. Segway and GM to develop this project for 18 months.

Besides the big cities, Puma is also prepared for transportation in the city parks, campuses, amusement parks, resorts and other places where the vehicle needs to journey proximity often done.

Prototype form at this time was still very simple. GM will soon develop the design to appear more attractive when the project is forwarded to the production stage.