Lamborghini factory environment-friendly

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The spirit to cut CO2 emissions adapted all the car manufacturers, including Lamborghini, one of best sports car in the world. Last week, Lamborghini announced determination to cut CO2 emissions 30% by the end of next year and reduce CO2 emissions from the car-the car to 35% in 2015.

To reduce the CO2 emissions produced in the manufacturer San't Agatha, Italy, Lamborghini install solar cell system of 17.000 square meters in the roof. Scheduled to complete the installation process end in 2009. Of this solar cell, Lamborghini will harvest the energy up to 1.582 MWh electricity per year. According to Lamborghini, this will be cut CO2 emissions by up to 20% factory.

To improve the efficiency of the factory, Lamborghini will install better insulation system in the roof of the factory. Also conducted a series of improvements to the system, lighting, heating and cooling to 2010. All efforts will contribute 10% reduction in CO2 emissions.

To reduce the CO2 emissions that launch car, Lamborghini will reduce the weight of the car, fine-tune the machine, including using biological fuel (biofuel), reduce the loss engine, technology start-stop engine and is not likely to develop hybrid technology just as a Ferrari now.