2010 Jaguar XJ

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Jaguar unveil rediain Jaguar XJ in an event that is guided Jay Leno, host talkshows famous as well as car aficionados. Jaguar XJ remains promote design lines that have survived since the beginning of the era appear in the 60's, only now appearing in a way more modern.
View the main course that is usually quadruplets now get a new touch of sweet to appear, with the almond shape, grille to its twin, but no more so one that bears the impression firm, strong and dominant. Inclusion of air holes in the front of the now larger, deeper and more light.
Jaguar and maintain the advantage as the car that's far more lightweight competitors owing sasis aluminum sasis With this, Jaguar XJ's 136kg lighter competitors. Total weight is 1700kg and more light from the S-Class or 7 Series.
As the Jaguar XF, full size sedan to use this engine V6 and V8 petrol and diesel V6. V8 engine producing 283kW and can be assisted if the supercharged can achieve 375kW. V6 diesel engine can torsi producing 202kW and 600Nm.
Gearbox is also the same as the XF is 6-speed automatic. This is the only gearbox for the XJ. Compared XF, this gearbox have got a series of improvement in the mechanical side. the new technology you want is water increase suspension makes XJ so soft and comfortable while moving forwards, but in the light-footed and stable curve.
Modern touch to flow into the interior. The atmosphere is the same as awakened Jaguar XF. Cabin is harmonious combination between the traditional design . Jaguar lovers will appreciate the conventional overlay skin types and a choice of 8 wooden decorations. Meanwhile, like a touch of modern impressed with the 12.3 inch LCD screen which replaces the conventional instrument cluster. And that is not lost, Jaguar Drive rotary gear selector.