Jaguar at the Goodwood

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Fastest man in the world, Wing Commander Andy Green OBE holder of the World Land Speed Record in the fastest Jaguar ever, XFR prototype during the race at the Goodwood hill ride. XFR prototype years ago print record 225.675 mph (361km/jam) at the Bonneville Salt Flats. Andy Green is the first person in the world to solve the sound barrier on land when the print speed record 1220.8 km / hour by car called a special thrust SSC 1997.
Rocket sportRacing team to be behind Andy Green in the Goodwood. Established April 2009 and is the program for the GT2 American Le Mans Series. Jaguar has been involved in some races in 2009 and will be involved fully in the next year.
Jaguar XKR also show special in Goodwood, be steered Mike Cross, chief engineer of Jaguar Vehicle Integrity. This car was developed to explore the characters and XKR increase torsi and power forward for the tradition of Jaguar show cars at the Goodwood special. XKR for the Goodwood this torsi 700Nm from 625Nm regular version and power increased from 510Ps so 530Ps. Acceleration 0-60mph in 4.2 seconds