Hybrid Cars

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We are very familiar with hybrid cars because of the 2 model Toyota Prius and Honda Insight are very popular in the world. But we do not yet know exactly what Plug-in Hybrid?In Hybrid cars have 2 types of engines: electric and fuel engines, they can work together or work respectively.
In the Honda Insight, the electric machine can not work alone, just as the electric machine helper machine only, so the use of fuel becomes fewer. Charging the battery in the hybrid derived from the dynamo charging as fuel engine works. Now for the Plug-in Hybrid Prius, the battery is replaced with a type of lithium ion greater capacity and faster charging, and charging can be done by filling in the electrical outlet (such as electric cars). Sehigga the car Plug-in Hybrid, if you run out of gas, we have the option to find the nearest gas station or the nearest electrical outlet.