Hydrogen car test top three Japanese

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Toyota, Nissan and Honda to participate in fuel cell demonstrations in Japan last week. All three automotive companies are bringing fuel-cell vehicles to the best two-day trip from Tokyo to Fukuoka after the previous night in Osaka. This activity lasted 11 to 12 November 2009. Three cars, Honda FCX Clarity, Nissan X-Trail FCV and the Toyota Highlander FCHV-adv. In 2007, FCHV travel from Osaka to Tokyo by a single tank of hydrogen.
These three hydrogen-fueled cars to travel and spend 1.137km hydrogen 28.8kg. That means on average one kilogram of hydrogen to travel 132km. So a car using hydrogen 8.6kg with the distance 132km/kg. In other words a single tank of hydrogen can walk 792km. One kilogram of hydrogen has the energy content equivalent to one gallon of gasoline. Left 19 hours. The trial demonstrates the efficiency of hydrogen even better than conventional gasoline engines.
Demonstration was organized by the Japan Hydrogen and Fuel-cell project. The third largest car manufacturer in Japan continues to develop fuel cell technology and hydrogen remain convinced the best long term solution.