Toyota Avanza G launched Matik

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Toyota-Astra Motor launches 1.3G AT in Jakarta, Tuesday (17 / 8) which will be followed Avanza E automatic. With the launch of this new model, the number of variants of Avanza into five three-manual and two automatic. Additional types of new, Toyota-Astra Motor Avanza expect demand will grow even faster.Automatic transmission used type G and E the same as that used variants of the top Avanza S, 4-speed automatic. What distinguishes only the final gear ratio for better acceleration pursue.
If during the automatic version of the price of USD 15 million more expensive than the manual versions, the Toyota-Astra Motor automatic versions priced USD $ 10 million more expensive. Thus, the price for Avanza 1.3 E AT USD 142 million, while the Avanza 1.3 G AT USD 155.6 million. Price on the road in Jakarta. Avanza offers a choice of seven colors, namely Silver Metallic, Champagne Metallic, Wine Red, Drak Gray, Black Mica, Aqua Metallic, and Light Green Metallic.