Volvo V60 Series

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Volvo has officially disclosed it's up coming S60 sedan at the recent Shanghai Motor Show, and plans to display the car at the Geneva Motor Show next March, before going into production next summer. At this time, another rumor has spreader in the marketplace, that a new V60 Station Wagon namely, based on the S60 sedan could be released at about the same time as the sedan, and will be added to the existing V40, V50 and V70 line of Wagons.
The American owned Swedish car maker sees great potential to win market share from the Mercedes's C class Estate wagon, the BMW 3 Series Touring, Audi's A4 Avant, as well as some of the other luxury wagons. V60 may share the same engines as the S60, which will include the newly developed turbo-charged 1.6L engine 180hp, front wheel drive with 6 speed PowerShift. The V60 wagon may also come with All wheel drive.
Is not it amazing for a car company who does not even know who it may belong to next year, to keep thinking of getting new market shares? Ford may sell Volvo to China's car maker Geely for U.S. $ 2 billions, aftering buying it for more than U.S. $ 6 billion a while ago. Let's hope that the new Chinese owner could make better use of the 'safe car' image Volvo has established all along, cause that's the real assets owned Volvo's in the mind of car buyers.