GM with SAAB's 2010 9-5 Sedan

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Unless you have been living under a rock, you've probably heard about GM's decision to close down its SAAB brand after it became clear that the Spyker deal could not be completed in reasonable time - or so the Detroit automaker claimed. Some say, there's still some hope left for the once innovative and quirky Swedish brand as during the wind-down procedure, a savior might come forward and express interest in Saab as a whole or a part of the company.
There's even talk about a second life in China as GM could sell more Saab assets to BAIC or another domestic maker. In any case, one of the first questions that arose after GM's decision, which, let's not forget, will leave several thousands of workers without a job, is what's going to happen with the production-ready 2010 9-5 sedan and the almost-ready 9-4x crossover?
GM with SAAB's 2010 9-5 Sedan

In what concerns the two new models, we can think of several options that GM may have including killing them off entirely, rebidding the cars under a different name and even selling the rights / assets to another automaker - although, common sense says that the last option is probably the least likely to happen for obvious competitive reasons.
So, here's the question we would like to ask you, our readers: What do you think General Motors should do with the new SAAB 9-5 sedan and 9-4x Crossover?