VW Touran Facelift

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Volkswagen's most successful compact minivan, Touran performed with a series of changes at the Auto Mobil International exhibition, Leipzig, Germany (April 10 to 18). The interface is now following the 'design DNA' latest Volkswagen.
Volkswagen Touran-introduced in Indonesia last year, has sold more than 1:13 million units worldwide. In Germany Touran controlled almost 50% market share in its class.
While in Europe, are always included in the top five in its class. In Indonesia, the Touran is plagued high prices, although the technology and quality far beyond other models class.
Apart from the display side, Touran also experienced improvements in the technical side such as the adoption of continuous main beam headlights (Dynamic Light Assist). Systems that help drivers when driving at night is usually found in luxury sedans for the first time and this is applicable in the compact minivan. System equipped with a sensor will turn off the light beam when there is a car coming from opposite directions, so that the driver does not glare. Once the sensor rate is not no cars coming from opposite directions, then the light beam at the switch again. All take place automatically.

Also equipped with the new Touran Park asist 2.0 that helps the driver-almost automatically, to park the car in parallel or diagonal. This feature is also usually only available in upscale sedans.