CFC and MK-Soundstyle's VW Golf GTI Aims to Deafen

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The people over at CFC Styling Station and MK-Soundstyle in Neuss, Germany are trying to give old Phil a run for his money when it comes to baseless ego (scroll down to read excerpts and add curse-free insults, this is a family show). With the Hi-Fi Golf, these people have created a huge, rolling boom box...of doom.
Under the matte silver painted body (€1,500) is an upgraded suspension with bits from ap-X which, that will run you €749. Eisenmann is behind exhaust duties with a €1,238 kit plus...actually, enough with the silly grab-bag tuner name-dropping and pricing. Bottom line, it's got 265 horsepower from some chip tuning that costs significantly less that that of Sport Wheels' Galactic R8.
The sound system, though, is this GTI's claim to fame thanks to MK-Soundstyle (name only dropped because they're partially behind the build). From Pioneer come the head unit and four amps hooked up to a 15-inch sub. It has Rainbow tweeters and midrange speakers powered by another two amps in front.
At least they admit it isn't for everyone. What IS for everyone are a few choice excerpts from the press release:
"The task of turning a VW Golf VI GTI into a driving sound machine and making it look excessively great at the same time is probably not for everyone."
"The result is worth a few words of admiration."
"Renewed confirmation of the old saying 'No risk, no gain!'"
Agreed; press releases are there to announce to the world how great your product is. However, at least have some video of it shattering teeth. Pictures, while worth a thousand words, can't hold a single tune