Next Corvette Stays the Course, Mid-Engine Layout but May Gain Hybrid

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Plain and simple: no mid-engined Corvette, maybe a hybrid, and a statement that GM is not testing any V6s in the Corvette (yet). That's from GM's global vehicle engineering VP Karl-Friedrich Stracke, and it's fine by me. Spend wisely, slowly upgrade the program, don't rock the boat.

The Mid-Engine and Dual-clutch Transmission:
Stracke decided to finally bury the mid-engine rumors once and for all by "quashing [them]" under his corporate boot heel. Also, he decided to let PR clarify that there is no dual-clutch transmission on the way. For those of you wondering about that, Autocar heard from a Saab source that just such a transmission was developed while Saab was still part of GM.

Let me get this straight:
Saab had the time and money to invest in a snazzy tranny, but somehow couldn't muster the energy to upgrade the 9-5 for the better part of a decade? No one else saw a hole in that story? Guess it's torque converters and clutches for the immediate future.

The V6 Powerplant:
GM says nope, I say why not? An entry-level twin-turbo V6 is an option people might consider instead of the V8. Most of the people I see driving Corvettes probably wouldn't even notice the difference (same goes for a hybrid). That's not to say that the Vette would ever lose what made it great, but performance and function could be had with a high-output whistling-sixer while also helping with that pesky CAFE rules.
Before anyone screams bloody murder, can we look back to 1953 for a moment and marvel at the Blue Flame inline-6 under the hood? That's right, 6 cylinders. So it is possible to incorporate less than a V8 under-hood without raining on the fanboys' parade.

The Hybrid and the Future:
A hybrid system would certainly be a fascinating option to have on an order sheet. GM has the tech in place already, so why not go mild-hybrid and have all the clutchless wonders out there save some dough while puttering quietly around town?
Shouldn't more be done to bring the Corvette in line with its competition and the modern era? As epic as it is, it's a wee bit outdated. The Vette is supposed to be the big-daddy for General Motors, not just Chevrolet; that means it should not only eviscerate Porsches and Ferraris, but look just as amazing. A nip and tuck here, some new tech there, and presto: a halo car, but also so much more. It could finally appeal to global consumers.
With no mid-engine, a possible hybrid, and that V6 just begging for a chance, the Corvette will continue to live on for now as it always has: heart beating up front, legs kicking out back.
Maybe one day, hopefully, the Corvette will finally evolve into something more...I sense a digital smack coming...modern. There, I said it. Now if you'll put down your pitchforks, let's bring GM's bad boy into the 21st century.