Mercedes-Benz C111 Picture

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Icons sports car Mercedes-Benz C111 1970-an exotic turn on again. His figure materialize on Ciento One who tilled Arturo Alonso, modifier of GWA Tuning. Formerly, exotic cars such as the gullwing doors in the present SLS AMG uses controversial machine: a diesel engine Wankel rotary-system.
But no, Mercedes-Benz C111 will not use this modern diesel engines, but will be equipped with engine-powered Mercedes-Benz V12 408 hp, which will be picked up by sassis turbular.

Appearance to be maintained in order to remain nuanced classic, versatile design with melancip style racing car in the era of the 1970s. The body is made of aluminum material with aerodynamics that have been perfected. GWA tuning only need to equip it with modern features, like adjustable suspension and braking system borrowed from the S55 model. Adjustable rear spoiler and large intake of water.
Ciento One will also use the same tire dimensions with SLS AMG, like pelk measuring 19 inches in front and 20 inches behind, and will be wrapped with a tire size of 265/35 front and 295/30 rear. Entry into the cabin, classic shades will also be presented Ciento One. Carbon fiber seats, as well as classic designs such as dashboard instruments on W120R, aluminum pedals are also popular in the era of the 1970s.