2011 Latest BMW Roadster Concept

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At the Geneva Motor Show held next month, Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW) will introduce a new concept, namely the sports car or roadster called "Vision Connected Drive". The design is slightly different from the Vision Efficient Dynamic BMW introduced earlier.
This concept car at the Same time DESCRIBE the vision of BMW about the vehicle of the present and future. Especially the concept Became part of the world's Internet networks. BMW releases new images show the cabin or cockpit unique and futuristic the which is equipped with a large LED screen, in front passenger front and Also information on the condition of the car in front of the driver.

Described, the roadster car will provide comfort, security and entertainment systems optimally, can be adapted to the tastes of different drivers and passengers. In addition it is also equipped with a system or technology that facilitate the work of the driver.

In addition, also presented the concept of a pure electric car designed for everyday use so-called BMW Active which can carry four passengers. The model will also serve as the master and made his debut in this exhibition Efficient Dynamics BMW 320d Touring Edition. These cars use diesel-powered 4-cylinder 20 kW or 163 PS with fuel consumption of 23 km per liter.