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BMW concept car that attracted attention at the Geneva Motor Show this time is the Vision Connected Drive. Appearances figure car "stimulating" for a different and unique design plus the dominance of metallic color throughout its body. Only the rear, combined with light orange cap. While the interior, driver and passenger seats are designed with unique.

The cockpit has two screens, each for driver and passenger. Before appearing in this exhibition, BMW already stated, Vision Conneted Drive as a super car future and become part of the world's Internet networks. Hence, this concept car is considered as a reflection of the cars of today and the future. These factors that cause BMW is called Vision Connected Drive. Cockpit using the monitor screen that can produce images with 3D effects and display icons, such as tablets or operate a computer smartphone. Remarkably, this instrument can be programmed.
The resulting information can also be projected onto the bottom of the glass in front of the driver and generate impressions known information Head-Up Display (HUD). The screen passengers can be utilized as a smart navigator. Passengers, who also served as co-pilot, can evaluate the information and get details of the navigation system receives a "Oline". Once filtered to the '"forward" alias forwarded to the instrument driver if necessary. Their ability called BMW with the interaction between driver and passenger.

While passengers with social networking and the environment. Even provided "Emotional Browser" which presents many choices information suit the tastes of passengers and the driver.