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2011 Ford Ranger2011 FORD RANGER

The first impression when I saw the appearance or face all-new Ford Ranger when its envelope is opened, the pickup is now more smooth or sweet. Rough impression is reduced. It is recognized by Graig Metros as the Head of Design of All-New 2011 Ford Ranger in a special interview with Indonesian journalists. He also said this when explaining the design concept when smalltruck was launched.
"All is in line with consumer demand. So, before ensuring the design is chosen, we conduct a survey. Apparently they chose looks nicer now. However, modern impression, style, hi-tech , and of course efficiency remains an advantage, "explained . In fact, when consumers are presented with design F150 All-New Ford Ranger, "They chose a smaller size," continued the Metros.


2011 Ford RangerNew Ford Ranger 2011

New Ford Ranger 2011 is longer than it is being marketed now. For version double cabin (DC), length 5359 mm and 1850 mm wide. The Ranger is being marketed now has a length of 5173 mm and 1788 mm wide. Precisely, all-new Ranger is more slender. In addition, more sloping windshield also makes it more aerodynamic.
Although the figure is more sweet body, tires and wheels with alloy 18-inch, All New Ford Ranger so solid. The old version uses 15-inch steel wheels.
For the ASEAN market, Ford offers a model with body Regular, Super, and Double. Ford Rangers also claimed, Ranger-style cabin is now the biggest in its segment. Drive systems offered are 4 x 2 and 4 x 4. New Ford Ranger 4x4 is offered in two kinds of heights.
Ford made changes to the overall body design, interior, and the cabin. In fact, the new total engine and are provided in several options. The new technology has to offer is with Voice Control Bluetooth and a camera to see the atmosphere in the back of the vehicle are shown on the rearview mirror.
This little truck is claimed to be able to attract cargo 3350 kg for a diesel engine version and load 1,500 kg. Other claims, the volume of tanks for Single Cap and Supercap largest in its class.

Engine Options
For the engine, offered several options, namely Duratorq TDCi, diesel 4-cylinder, 2.2-liter capacity. This new machine capable of greater than 2.5 liter version that is used ford ranger today. The new engine is also equipped with a turbocharger and produces power 110 kW (9150 PS) and 375 Nm of torque. The 2.5 liter diesel engine that is used today to produce power and torque of 109 PS@3.500 27.1 rpm (265 Nm) @ 2000 rpm .
For Indonesian consumers, Ford will market it in the middle of next year (will be on display at the IIMS, July 2011). According to Ford Motor Indonesia president director Will Angove, Ford will choose the 2.2-liter engine.
Other engines are 3.2 liter diesel engine, 5-cylinder, a power generating 147 kW (200 PS) and 470 Nm of torque. Other engines are 2.5 liter gasoline, 4-cylinder, which can also use LPG. When using gasoline, the energy it produces 122 kW (166 PS).
Fuel tank capacity 80 liters. Another capability is based on Ford's claims fuel consumption Ranger 4 x 2 gasoline using 9.8 liters of fuel per 100 km or 10.2 km / liter. Ranger's 2.2-liter diesel engine fuel consumption 7.6 liters per 100 km or 13 km / liter (also for version 4 x 2). The Ranger 3.2 liter diesel engine, 4x4 motion system, is claimed to consume 9.6 liters of fuel per 100 km or 10.4 km / liter.


2011 Ford Ranger
To move the engine power to the wheels, Ford chose 6-speed automatic transmission DSG. This new transmission gearshift obtain improved so that lasted more subtle and smooth. The automatic version is also equipped with sequential shift control .
A new innovation by Ford Ranger automatic transmission is the ability to determine the vehicle in uphill conditions through features Grade Logic Control. In this way, the transmission will shift into a lower gear when the vehicle down so they can get the engine braking effect. This can be obtained because the system is equipped with monitors.
Other safety equipment is ESP, ABS, and ABS is designed to operate when the driver brakes suddenly. Although launched in Bangkok which is a center of production, Ford is showing the physical vehicle to the Australian public, years ago, precisely at the Sydney Motor Show in October. The appearance in Bangkok this time was an official appearance for the first Ranger in front of the Asian public.