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Toyota and Subaru are both displaying the concept sport car FT-86 II in Geneva, the results of their collaboration. Both demonstrate the role of each is visible from the display rear wheel sport sedan it.
Toyota is working on a whole body displays the FT-86 II, while the Subaru with the model transparent, so the engine and the legs clearly visible. In this project, Subaru BOXER supplies the normal engine capacity 2,000 cc horizontally mounted near the front. Boxer uses aluminum to reduce weight.

Compared with the Subaru AWD (All Wheel Drive), According to the Subaru, "The position of the machine is now located lower and result in better balance, good handling and a lower center of gravity." In terms of dimensions, they are different. If Toyota has long had a 4235 mm, width 1795 mm, height 1270 mm to 2570 mm wheelbase. Medium Subaru, a lower height of 200 mm and 350 mm shorter in length.