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Exhibition of prestigious cars to the 2011 Geneva Auto Show-81 which opened to the public tomorrow (3 / 3) so the arena "war" for the principals of Asia to emulate the host. One of them Tata Motors of India showing the concept car for the European city which they named Tata Pixel.Surprisingly enough, it uses the base city car Tata Nano, but the form is not as stiff as a cheap car of India. Interestingly again, the door design is very innovative diamond shape with the open scissors model that plays to the top of the front. This provides easy access when entering or leaving the car and parking in narrow places.

Pixel able to maneuver in tight areas because equipped with Infinitely Variable Transmission (IVT). This system helps the rear wheels go turning (sort 4WS = four wheel steering), so that its radius is only 2.6 meters. In addition scissor doors, the windshield at the same time drawn into the roof, so they can minimize overhangs front and rear. Then, the design of the windows can be replaced if you want to change the exterior appearance.

For cardiac pacemaker, Pixel engine equipped with 1.2 liter turbocharged diesel with fuel consumption of 3.4 L per 100 km and emits only 89 g / kg. Then the little one is equipped of technology "start-stop".