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crossover suv
At the Shanghai Auto Show 2001 and the New York Auto Show 2011 the which stores place today, Subaru SUV introduced the concept crossover newest, the XV. According to Subaru, crossover is the SUV with a more stylish appearance. The new concept called "Protren" which comes from the word combination of professional tools and Trendy design .
Precisely, Subaru SUV defines It self That crossover is the functional integration for the professional and stylish appearance of urban and stylish . Crossover Including compact and cans be seen from its dimensions, length x width x height: 4450 x 1800 x 1620 (mm), wheelbase 2636 mm. Characteristics That Are not less interesting Than crossover This is the engine embedded, ie boxer DOHC, 2.0 liter. However, power and torque produced by this machine cans not be explained.

crossover suv
Furthermore, the machine has Lineartronic or CVT transmission with a transfer of power to all wheels or all-wheel drive (AWD). The characteristics of this AWD, working symmetrically. That is, right and left axles the Same length. Appearance crossover more dashing by installing tires 245/45-ZR19.

Stereo Camera
No less interesting is the appearance of the Subaru SUV interior. Seats coated with silver white the which Gives a sense of comfort and sound occupied. This office chair Gives the impression of a casual appearance, sporty , And of course keep the style.

crossover suv
Another feature of best Crossover is proud of the LCD monitor is mounted on the center panel. According to Subaru, this screen displays three different function information, the navigation, audio, and working conditions of the vehicle. This monitor has been using touch screen technology.
Other sophisticated equipment That is a security system is named "EyeSight" to help drivers monitor the conditions in the vicinity. This device consists of an LCD monitor placed That Is Between the meter combination (middle) and a stereo camera. Through these screens, the driver can see the Surrounding circumstances the which were the resource persons Recorded by the stereo camera EyeSight!