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Bentley Continental GTC
Bentley Continental GTC
After having unveiled the teaser for April, Prior Design disseminates new official pictures of her Bentley Continental GTC: The car has an aerodynamic styling package designed to give the half an aggressive and impressive. The preparation includes modified bumper, side skirts and a bonnet with vents. But there are also a rear diffuser, rear spoiler in CFRP and a new exhaust system that gives the car a few more power. Inside, however the car was equipped with a new composite molding. No details on prices, but all can already be ordered on the website of the preparer.

Bentley Continental GTCBentley Continental GTC
Prior Design has released a package of a new style for the Bentley Continental GTC, which improves aerodynamics and the car. Body kit including hood vents, a set of traditional side skirts, a sports grill with two openings on top of carbon fibers and a new front spoiler bumper with carbon fiber. It is also equipped with a stainless steel sport exhaust system and new rear bumper with integrated diffuser. Before styling Design ‘s released a new package for the Bentley Continental GTC, a brand and increasing the car’s aerodynamics. Body kit consists of a ventilation hood, a set of traditional flank pad, a grid with two beats sport exhaust vents on the bumper and spoiler with carbon fiber front decarbonizes new fiber.