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Director of Marketing and Sales Service of PT Honda Prospect Motor Jonfis Fandy said the new model Honda Jazz will be launched this month. To consumers, he advised to be patient first. "Do not rush to see the Jazz decided to purchase before the new one,"
Jonfis Fandy said that the demand for Honda products are still quite good. But the recognition, production levels have not run normally because it is still affected by the instability of supply components from Japan.
On the other hand, PT Honda Prospect Motor must bear the burden. Jazz Supply which became the mainstay product should be discontinued for a solid month in April 2011. That is, dealers just relying on old stocks that have been collected from previous months. Honda sales dropped 50.9 percent to 2056 units as compared to the previous month more than 4193 units. The highest sales derived from the CR-V and Freed, each with 995 units and 523 units. As for selling at premium MPV segment, Odyssey accounted for 30 units.