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The latest hot news again to come from Lamborghini's headquarters in Italy. Manufacturer supercar bearing the Bull is certain to be released Sesto Elemento. Page Worldcarfans call, Lamborghini Sesto Elemento will begin arriving at the official Lamborghini dealerships in the third quarter of this year. Sesto Elemento plan will be produced only 10-20 units, while the selling price is estimated at 1.9 million Euros or approximately Rp24, 2 billion.

As is known, Sesto Elemento introduced first time in Paris Auto Show last year. Sesto Elemento Lamborghini once only prepared for an international racing event is not for public consumption. Sesto Elemento not less interesting than Aventador remember supercar which has another name-based Sixth Element is full carbon. All materials of the car using carbon fiber materials. Elemento Sesto name used because of referring to the carbon atom that has the number "6".
Not just the body, and a number of other materials in the cabin, some elements in offal Sesto Elemento also uses carbon fiber material. Armed with 10-cylinder engine and the body weight of 999 kg, then do not imagine the power that could produce Sesto Elemento. Because supercar that can be sped 0-100 km / h in about 2 seconds!