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Honda CRZ MugenWhat you see are the first official images of the Mugen Honda CR-Z which will be presented to the public at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The car was developed by the English section of Mugen and was produced for the time being, in a single specimen. But everything suggests that the car could be the prelude to a series of volumes to be defined. E 'powered by an evolved version 1.5 4-cylinder petrol unit endothermic now supercharged with hours and able to produce a value of power and torque in excess of 50% compared to the motor branch: 200 hp to 245 Nm of torque .


These numbers are increased significantly if one considers the help provided by a re calibrated version of the electric propulsion system IMA (though the numbers were not disclosed) equipped car. At the level of the car chassis benefits from a wider rear track, new trim adjustable to 5 positions, plus brakes with 4-piston calipers. The car was also lightened by about 50 kg (also on the bonnet in CFRP and aluminum wheels by Mugen). Striking aerodynamic surfaces (the rear wing is adjustable) added to the body of the car to increase down force.

Honda CRZ Mugen
At the moment the house down the speed performance "similar to the Civic Type R "while consumption of coupling electric / combustion are" encouraging "more than 21 km / liter in the driving mode" ECO-friendly "and nearly 13 when it paves the gas pedal. Honda Japan will consider a possible mass production only after receiving a first feedback from the public.