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opel astra cabrio
Will also be more practical and quiet, but the coupe-cabriolet have been shown to have the thrill of discovery with the traditional canvas roof. The manufacturers seem to have understood this, and come back to watch with interest to the "old" convertible. One of these is certainly Opel, Which will replace the current Astra TwinTop a Astra Cabrio equipped with the most classic soft-top.
The German manufacturer has already officially confirmed in late February it planned a new version of the Astra Cabriolet, destined to debut in 2013. The new German convertible will therefore monitor the ever-increasing "return to origin" of the convertible, choosing a light (also good ...) canvas roof. One of the most recent examples of this dynamic is the Golf Cabriolet.
The current EosCharacterized by the retractable hardtop, will have no heirs, and the role of medium-small discovery of the Wolfsburg will play just the revived Golf open, which just happens-your-toe on a canvas roof. The Astra Cabrio born naturally on the same platform as the sedan and will be produced in Gliwice, Poland.