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Maruti Zen Estilo
The old and historic Maruti Zen has been replaced by a large Maruti Zen style and reorganized. The car's design is similar to the Japanese car design MR. Although the name of Zen is used with it, the car has nothing in common with Zen. Zen is the most talked about car on the market that has been published since the launch of Maruti Swift.Maruti Zen Estilo

Design and Style
Maruti Zen style designed by taking the car away from the traditional. The appearance of the car are compatible and the appearance is nice. The car comes with a cab-forward design, which is great proportions and a fresh air can be supported by its use. The car is a modern classic in his eyes that received a number of people attracted to him. With the changes that were brought to the front of the car and accessories, all eyes were really improved. The large front bumper air intake grille and large headlights give it a new and aggressive.

Maruti Zen Estilo
Interior Minister was faced with a car and the only significant difference is that the two-tone instrument panel was introduced to replace the old interior. Maruti has also changed some parts that are not as good as it gets the goal is to provide a low cost of the vehicle. The interior has a few surprises, such as airbags, electric mirrors, auto-down feature window seat and the passenger compartment of the light will remain until the key is added to it. Most of these features are expected only in expensive cars.

The new model comes with a Style Maruti 998 cc K series engine This is an improvement over the old engine, which allows the recovery of the vehicle and the driver just like you. However, it is a little irritating that the car stopped to pick up the clutch in first gear, which can be offset by providing more gas. The engine is solid, smooth and eager to perform. The car is 15.8 seconds to pick up speed of 100 km. The output of three-cylinder vibrates the car, but only when it is inactive. Furthermore, the gear has been improved.

Ride and Handling
The suspension is the car Maruti makes strong driving style. The car is stable, however, could destabilize the rough roads. Bumpy surfaces are adequately covered in the areas of the city easily. The administration is not so good and gives absolutely no response, but it's great for use with tires that have been in the car.

Safety Features
The car is powered by a small, but powerful enough and a stylish interior with an exterior that defines a good impression on a person to see. There are a number of security features included with the ABS and airbags popular for front passengers. Apart from that the car comes with safety lock as well.