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GT 86 known as FT-86 revealing a set of specifications that confirm a true sporting pedigree and no frills. On the Japanese market, the new coupe will be simply called Nippon 2 2 "86". At this point you could expect a change of name for the sisters and Scion Subaru FR-S BRZ: please note that the three cars share the same platform and build 4-cylinder boxer engine derived from Subaru. But let the juice.
A figure of all, just to quickly put the record straight: the steering wheel has a diameter of 365 mm, the smallest ever seen on a Toyota or large runs. The car measures 4.24 m in length, is only 1,285 m high, while the overall width is 1,775. The step amounted instead to 2:57 meters. Numbers that make it the most compact four-seater coupe in the world. The center of gravity is just 475 mm high, while the overall weight of just 1180 kg, in divided 53/47 between the front and rear. The lanes have a width of 1,520 and 1,540 behind the front.

Under the hood pawing the new Subaru 2.0 4-cylinder with direct injection D-4S provided by Toyota bore and stroke of 86 mm and double overhead cam shafts, delivers 200 hp at 7000 rpm and maximum torque of 205 at 6600 r / min. The red zone only goes to 7500 rpm. A pure rear-wheel drive, equipped with limited slip differential, where the engine is articulated to the wheels through a 6-speed manual transmission or through an automatic transmission, 6 gears with paddles on the steering wheel.