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The big news in the Corvette they are working on is of course the launch of the seventh generation of the model, which will take place in between 2013 and 2014, but the labor costs on the next C7 energies are not removing the current project. The last demonstration in order of time comes today, and called 427 Convertible. What? Simple: a Corvette Convertible with the enormous 7.0 V8 under the hood of the Z06.

Transplant from the LS7 coupe has kept all its 513 hp and 637 Nm, and even six-speed manual transmission is the same as the Z06. Also come from seven liters Magnetic Ride Control suspension and the wheels 19 "front and 20" rear, that fit Michelin Pilot Sport PS2. The bonnet and wheel arches of the 427 Convertible are also made ​​of carbon fiber. The use of this material, the 427 marks on the scale weight of 1525 kg.

The latest from Bowling Green will be customized on request with the 60th Anniversary Package, which will be available this year over any other Corvettes. Characterized by combining between the Arctic White exterior color and blue leather interior, the package is completed by two longitudinal blue stripes that continue even sewn on fabric roof.