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Venturi Volage
Up to that point can be fun driving a sports car power supply? With our French friends of we went to explore the Venturi Volage . Ideal place, the Michelin Challenge Bibendum , because the Venturi Volage uses its own with the help of Michelin. We talked at the Paris Motor Show in 2008 and finally look roar, or rather hum, live one of the most powerful electric supercars. As usual for Venturi Technology is the highest level, 4-wheel drive, flat-bottomed carbon frame that brings the total weight of 1075 kg including batteries (350 kg). What is striking is the operator: Venturi has taken advantage of the Michelin Active Wheels of views in a previous post.

Venturi Volage

2011 Venturi Volage

The active wheel is a wheel within which are included the suspension and engine. This allows for a full transmission, because each wheel is driving thanks to its electric motors 55kw each for a total of 220 kW, or nearly 300 hp. Venturi tells us that the electric motors in each wheel are actually two: one for suspension and one for propulsion, a total of eight engines and then only for a car. At Challenge Bibendum, the Volage has received the award for the best acceleration from 0 to 50 km / h in just 2.2 s. Not bad right? As far as maximum speed, however, nothing exceptional: to extend the battery life is limited to 150 km / h.

Venturi Volage

Other factors come into play here, which address both the purely technical point of view is the "philosophical". Sure, we talk about a sporty car, but we know that the highways is not the best way to use an electric car. At the same time seems a bit 'a stretch of car environmental spore but at the same time. Questions for which it is difficult to give a definite answer, unless you arrange a live debate.

Data sheet :

Type: Roadster - 2 posts
4-wheel drive "Michelin Active Wheel"
Electric motor: 4 motors / wheels maximum power of 55 kW, or 220 kW.
Max torque: 232 Nm (4 x 58 nm) of 0 to 8500 rpm
Liquid Cooling
Suspension: electric shock on each wheel of the type "Michelin Active Wheel"

Technology: Lithium-polymer
Energy: 45kWh
Battery mass: 350 kg
Liquid Cooling
Duration of battery life: more than 1 500 cycles
Regeneration system to the deceleration
Recharge to 80%
With external power booster (10 kW): 4 hours (220 V-16 AT)
With on-board charger: 8 hours (220 V-16 A mono)