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BMW Vision EfficientDynamics and now uses the official name I8 reportedly will be a car in the movie blockbuster Mission Impossible : The Ghost Protocol . Reported by . He further, supercar this hybrid - other versions are also on display at Geneva - now already in the shooting locations in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, where the film crew gathered. Cars with futuristic figure will perform with other BMW models in the same movie, the latest-6 Series.
BMW I8 is a hybrid car with a combination of 3-cylinder diesel engine, turbocharger, plus an electric motor which is claimed to produce 328 PS power. Another greatness of this car is capable of doing sprint 0-100 km / h in 5 seconds and reaches a top speed of 248 km / h (in Germany, the highest speed the car is limited to 240 km / h). No less interesting, with an increasingly expensive oil prices, fuel consumption supercar is 26.57 km per liter!
BMW I8 go on sale in 2013. Although the sale price has not been announced, media predict this car will be sold at 160,000 U.S. dollars, or USD 1.5 billion in the United States . Later, in the new film Mission Impossible , I8 will speed up by Chief John Anderton, who has also been used BMW in the 2002 science fiction film, Minority Report . By coincidence, John Anderton and heroes Mission Impossible before, Ethan Hunt, played by the same person, namely Tom Cruise. For BMW, this is an interesting promotion for the latest products that are marketed in 2013.